Top 4 Web Design & Development Trends in 2018

Top 4 Web Design & Development Trends in 2018

December 28, 2017

In the coming year 2018 will experience all about immersive web experience. Virtual reality, artificial intelligence, and voice control are the latest trends

becoming the standards in human-machine interaction. Clean, simple yet modern looking designs are now the must-haves in developing with such technologies in this competitive world. Let see the what will be the top web design trends next year?

1. Internet of Things (IoT)

By enabling the Internet of Things on your usual home appliances and devices to connect to the internet and be able to control and operate them using your computer or smartphone. It exactly explains by Apple; it has already incorporated the Internet of Things technology in their latest devices using the HomeKit app.

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2. Virtual Reality

With this advent of Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality the rising number of VR equipment on sale in the market, everyone jumps in the VR’s ship and adopted the technology in developing and creating the websites and company videos. So this shows how important to use virtual reality videos on your websites this 2018.

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3. Artificial Intelligence

It’s always the chatbot who greet as first who visits the website or messenger helps every online chat support who ask for help. At first chatbot seems to make customers problems even worse but now artificial intelligence and machine learning evolves through time, they also became much smarter. In 2018 this will bring a more seamless web experience by further streamlining it using AI.

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4. Creating Mobile Optimized Websites

In present scenario smartphones and other mobile devices are more popular than ever before so optimizing your website for mobile is a side option, like it might have been in years past. Websites that aren’t mobile-friendly are quickly becoming defunct within our fast-evolving digital landscape. As time goes by, more and more websites will emerge that are mobile-friendly, pushing those that are not even farther down the search results page and away from customers.

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