Ways to Make Visitors Fall in Love with your Website

Ways to Make Visitors Fall in Love with your Website

December 2, 2017

So you have made a fabulous website, and you’re getting pretty good traffic; but are they staying on?Are the visitors getting converted into buyers?

You must have heard the term ‘bounce rate’; if you don’t already know what it means, it’s a website analytic metric that measures the percentage of visitors who leave your website after visiting just one page. So here, a ‘low’ rate is good! It means that our visitors are spending more time on your site, exploring and engaging with it. If visitors are leaving because they find your website boring, irrelevant or unattractive, there is quite a bit you can do to induce them to stay and explore. Let’s look at these tactics:

  1. Your site design must be attractive to your target audience
  2. Highlight your brand personality
  3. Your content should be relevant and interesting
  4. Structure your Text
  5. Ensure easy Navigation
  6. Increase website Load Speed
  7. Ensure Responsiveness
  8. Have a social media presence
  9. Professional Logo
  10. Personalize their Experience
  11. Keep them coming back

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