Top 7 Android Developer and Android Development Blogs

February 16, 2018

Android developers work in a field that is in a constant state of changeand there are always new updates about what is to come and where the Android market is going. Fortunately, there are dozens of blogs and other resources that offer the latest news and tips. Check them out and find your favorites, even stay in the loop by following them on Twitter. By reading these regularly, you will get to know the latest and greatest happenings in the Android world and will learn important secrets.

1 The Official Android Developers’ Blog

If you want to get the latest news on Android, then you might as well get it direct from the source. It is a great source for all of the latest news on the operating system, it not only captures the latest tweaks and policy changes in Android but also contains a regular dose of tutorials for developers. And the best part is, these tutorials are highly detailed and accessible.

2 Android Guys

With this site, you have an information base that covers all things Android. The Android Guys talk about products, tips for Android users, the latest news on the operating system, and they have reviews and buying guides for consumers. If you want to know something about a specific Android operating system or a device that runs on Android, this is one of the best places to start your search.

3 Android AppStorm

Android AppStorm is a website that is dedicated to testing and reviewing Android apps. Along with the reviews, the blog includes a range of helpful articles about using Android devices and recommendations for apps that can be used for different purposes. As a developer, it can be used as a place to see the different apps that are developed for different purposes and get information about the ones that perform well.

4 Android Advices

At Android Advices, you have a site that is mostly geared toward users in the Android market. It covers news, info, and reviews, and you can find information about Android apps and devices. This site covers all of the latest information about the industry and it can be a great place to learn about devices that operate on the Android OS.

5 Android Weekly

Staying updated with the cutting-edge happening is just as important, which is where Android Weekly comes in. It’s not a website or a blog but aims to be a weekly newsletter that curates the best possible blog posts in the Android ecosystem. An impossible task? Perhaps, but truth be told, Android Weekly comes very close to the ideal!

6 Android Hive

With Android Hive, you have an online publication that is run by Android developers. The site has information for consumers and developers and it can be a great place to start if you are looking to learn more about the operating system. It recommends apps and products for users and it has an array of tutorials for coding with Android.

7 Android Central

At Android Central, you have more of an Android news site. You can get all of the latest stories concerning the Android operating system, apps that are in development, devices, and accessories. In addition to that, it also provides readers with buying guides and reviews for Android products and they offer some tips and tutorials for using Android devices and apps.

By following with list of these blogs, you can stay up to date and learn new things that can help to make you a better developer. Let us know in the comments which are your favorites and why

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